We have corporate themed events covered

Whether you’re getting your work team together or planning a surprise private party, themed events can present themselves as complex and expensive; from the venue, to catering and themed, well, everything, organising a themed night may not seem worth the hassle.

ATM Events are specialists in private and corporate event planning, and we have themed event planning experience in buckets. From small parties to large corporate events, our themed events are planned and delivered efficiently and to the highest quality.

In today’s blog, we’d like to take a look at our top event themes, what made them work and how we could help you plan your night.

From Rio to Notting Hill, it’s Carnival

If you can’t wait for another year for Carnival to show its colours on your streets, ATM Events can help you make your own.

Dating back to Ancient Greek theatre traditions, to Roman celebrations to Afro-Carribean inspired dance and music marches, Carnival has evolved into an exciting celebration of life and culture that welcomes everyone from all walks of life.

If you enjoy dancing, colour and music, a Carnival themed event is for you, and we think that Rio’s own is the perfect inspiration template for all those who seek the real deal. With an estimated two million people attending every year, Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival is the biggest in the world. It mixes Carnival’s western Christian traditions with the explosive vibrancy of African and Latin American influences.

The result is beautiful costumes, great music and creativity in a festival designed to celebrate and unify communities. For these reasons, Rio Carnival is definitely one of our top picks for themed events; elegant, colourful and exciting, ATM Events can help give you the perfect Carnival themed event night.

In the Wild, Wild, West

Ever wonder what was happening across the pond while the British were moping about as Victorians? They were living the fantasy of the Wild, Wild West. Well, not really. In fact, much of the romance, anarchy, and violence we associate with the American Frontier was a great over exaggeration popularised by the media industry; and what a complete success it was.

From shootouts to dusty roads and horse driven carriages, to the outlaws and the costumes, the image of North America’s Wild West has captured the imagination of the world. For this reason, it has surely made our top theme events list and ATM Events can help you get it right.

We can help you immerse your event guests with authentic-looking saloons, decorated with props, flags, and music perfect for the late 18th century Americas. Additionally, help capture your guests imagination with great acting, personas taken from our favourite western films.

This theme is perfect for small and big spaces, and is exciting for both adult crowds and young ones.

‘Nothing was too much trouble and they really helped make the evening a success […]’ – read our full case studies and testimonials.

Swing for the Nineteen Sixties

Who remembers the 60’s? A time of fashion revelations, civil rights revolutions and music so iconic that it still appears on our radios and playlists today. Whether you were too young, not around or want to share your experience of the decade with all, ATM can provide an enigmatic night of easy swinging 60’s vibes.

This cultural decade oversaw some of the most iconic events and persons of recent history; the moon landing, Martin Luther King’s civil rights speech and Britain’s music invasion with the Beatles, The Animals and the Rolling Stones. The 1960’s also attests to the new wave of counter culture, with subcultures and music, art and other media taboos taking centre-front in common media, paving the way to new ways of thinking, working, and living.

Much of the social influence of the 60’s can still be seen in our culture today but it’s iconic look and style is preserved and untouched as quintessential 1960’s western culture. ATM Events can help you bring this decade back to life with a catalogue of excellent props, decor and others to make your themed event a night to remember.

‘Nothing is too much trouble, expectations are always met and the staff are fantastic, I wouldn’t use anybody else […]’ – read our full case studies and testimonials here.

ATM Events

Of course, what we explored today is only a fraction of the variety of themed events that ATM has to offer. From pre-set packages to something a little bit more bespoke, ATM has nearly 20 years experience in bringing the imagination of your guests to life.

For more information on what services we offer and how we can help you with your themed event, browse our services page. Alternatively, contact us or give us a call on 01274726280.