Winter Wonderland

Explore ATM Events' Winter Wonderland-themed event for a magical evening full of wonder and excitement.

Our team of skilled professionals will ensure your fantasy night is nothing short of extraordinary thanks to our diligent event planning and event management skills.

A stunning display of snow icicles will be hanging from the ceiling to greet guests, along with a misty haze and ultraviolet, blue and white lighting that will bring your winter wonderland to life.

We have a selection of carefully curated props and decor, including polar bears, snowmen, reindeer, penguins, sleighs and more. Our winter wonderland themed room is adorned with a white giant star cloth, giant blue flames, pillars and tree props to create a magical atmosphere.

Feel like you are in a real fantasy with our winter wonderland theme by including our giant igloo props as the focal entertainment area, complete with air ice hockey and snowboarding simulators. To top it all off, dance the night away to the sounds of our live Jack Frost party band.

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