Pirates of the Caribbean

Are you ready for our Pirate-themed event to take you on a Caribbean adventure?

With ATM’s Pirates of the Caribbean package, we can transform any venue into a smuggler’s cove, with life-size prop skeletons, palm trees, cannons and much more.

The Smugglers Cove entranceway looks like a doorway into a hidden cave or crevice. The best rum on the seven seas will be served inside the establishment by Captain Jack Sparrow and his frisky maids. Guests are welcome to mingle before Captain Sparrow fires his gun to signal the start of dinner.

A Caribbean beach backdrop, palm trees, bamboo screens, and pirate decor can all be seen as guests enter the main dining area. But be on the watch for unpleasant shocks!

The stage area will be designed to look like a pirate galleon, finished with cannons, anchors, a pirate captain at the helm and a pirate ship mast – the ideal setting for speeches and a band.

After dinner, hit the dancefloor with Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Through our team’s extensive experience, we will support customers in navigating the complexities of event planning, from budget management and free venue finding to event coordination and de-rigging the event.

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