Around the World

Let us take you on a journey with ATM Events' Around the World-themed event.

Your guests will begin their adventure at the check-in area, where they will receive a warm welcome and be directed to the departure lounge for some refreshing welcome drinks. From there, we can whisk your guests away to any destination, from the stunning cities of Europe to the wonders of Asia.

Our friendly flight crew will be on hand, ensuring guests have an enjoyable experience.

Who knows what they will discover on their travels…

As the boarding announcement is made, your guests will take their first flight and arrive at Gate 10, where a themed dining room awaits, inspired by countries worldwide. From the tantalising flavours of the Americas, the aromatic spices of Asia and the rich cultural heritage of Europe; we will create a feast for the senses.

We can even tailor each course to traditional dishes from every country to give your guests an authentic experience. Our events management team are dedicated to providing a bespoke experience that caters to your specific needs and requirements.  

Our team provides an all-inclusive event management process, including event planning, event coordination, event marketing, event production, entertainment booking and other services. From free venue finding to budget management and event logistics, the ATM team works closely with you to deliver a seamless experience.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today who can deliver an unbelievable ‘Around the World’ theme for you. 

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