Halloween Horror

ATM Events' Halloween horror-themed event will truly spook your guests.

Our fantastic spooks, ghoul tombstones and Halloween pumpkin props will send shivers down your guests’ spines.

Partygoers will be greeted by well-known horror impersonators such Dr Hannibal Lecter and the butler from the Addams Family, Lurch. The themed room will have an eerie haze, low-level coloured lighting and spooky music to give you goosebumps. Horror-themed props will be displayed throughout the venue, while spiders and bats will hang from the ceiling to set the scene.

Halloween table centerpieces and black tablecloths will be used to decorate the tables which will have both character and horror movie names. Candlelit pumpkins and other table decor are also available to complete your theme. 

‘Mock Horror Picture Show’ theatrical performances will keep visitors engaged during dinner. After dinner, our professional DJ, Dr Frank n Furter, will get everyone dancing to the sounds of the monster mash and the time warp when the “shrieking Shack Games Room” opens. 

Put on your best devil outfit or vampire costume and use ATM Events Halloween horror-tailored package to create a costume party that will really get the hair standing on the back of your necks.

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