Retro 80's

Get ready to rewind to the flash-back-worthy decade with ATM Events' Retro 80s-themed corporate event.

Guests will be greeted by waiters dressed in 1980s attire who will serve pre-dinner drinks and hand out flyers explaining the evening to come. The sound system will play retro 80s music to set the mood for the night ahead. 

Dinner will be served in the main room, transformed into a retro 80s haven with low-level lighting and portraits of famous bands from the decade. Tables will be covered with multi-coloured cloths and themed centre pieces to complete the 80s experience. 

During dinner, a professional 1980s look-alike band will take the stage. After dinner, guests can relive their youth with classic arcade games like Pacman and Space Invaders before the DJ plays all the classic hits, keeping the party going until the early hours. 

To complete the party, the venue will be decorated with unique 1980s themed props and posters of celebrities, as well as bands and movies that were popular during this era.

Transport your guests back to the vibrant 80s era and get in touch with our party planning events team now.

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