Themes: All the options

Themes: All the options

If you’re looking for a way to reward your staff with an evening out for them and their families, an exciting, unique way to do that is a themed event.

With so many different types of event available, it can be difficult to choose.

In this blog post, we’re telling you a little bit about all of the different themed events that are available.

Themes: Hollywood

Do you have dreams of visiting Hollywood? Plenty of us do. Although this might seem like an unattainable dream, there is one way that you can experience the flashing cameras and celebrity lifestyle of the iconic Hollywood: a Hollywood themed event.

As you walk up the seemingly endless red carpet, you’ll be captured by the flashing cameras of the omnipresent paparazzi; this foreshadows the wonderful, glitzy evening that you’re going to experience.

For the majority of the evening you’ll be seated at tables named after iconic Hollywood film stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Gumphrey Bogart, decorated with famous props that you’ll recognise instantaneously.

Before and after dinner, you and your guests will be entertained by singers and musicians hailing from Las Vegas, creating a sensational environment.

All of these elements mixed together create a wonderful evening for your staff and their families.

Themes: Secret Agent

Greeted with Martinis – shaken, not stirred, of course – your secret agent experience will be off to a good start. On arrival, you’ll get the opportunity to have your photograph taken with an Aston Martin, flanked by James Bond cast lookalikes.

After drinks in the reception area, all guests will be able to go into the Bond-themed party prop room, which has wonderful props taken from the iconic spy films.

With the secret agent themed event, you, your staff and their families can experience what it’s like to be an agent for one night. All dressed up wonderfully, you get a true sense of what it would be like to star in your own superspy film.

If you’re unsure whether this event is the right one for your business or not, we’ve seen a multitude of businesses host these events for their staff; whether that’s Sky or a smaller business, everyone can enjoy a night of being an international spy.

With this package, you truly do end up feeling like a secret agent. In a specially designed Casino Royale, you and your guests will be able to gamble the night away, all while you enjoy wonderful martinis and a delicious meal.

Themes: Pirates of the Caribbean

Would you like to try your hand at being a pirate sailing the Caribbean seas? Wouldn’t we all! With this themed event however, you truly can.

At the start of the event, you and your guests will enter the venue through a hidden cave – also known as ‘heavily-modified doorway designed to look cave-like’. The venue is littered with skeletons, palm trees, cannon balls, pirate hats and parrots, plus plenty more!

Once you’ve all negotiated your way through the treacherous caves, you’ll be greeted by the iconic Captain Jack, who is, of course, more than happy to kick of your party. The Captain will fire his musket, captivating you and your guests, and letting you all know that dinner will be ready shortly – with a side of the finest rum on the seven seas, obviously.

Themes: Why themed events are the best way to celebrate

Here are a couple of reasons why themed events are the best way to celebrate:

  • Themes are fun: If you and your staff want some laid-back fun, nothing tops themed events.
  • Themes are all-inclusive: Your themed event is perfect for individuals of all ages, so your staff can bring their families along for the experience.
  • Themes are memorable: Themes aren’t just like any normal celebration; they’re truly memorable. Your staff won’t forget that you’ve arranged such a fantastic event for them.