Themed events: Bringing the iconic locations to you!

Themed events: Bringing the iconic locations to you!

Have you ever wanted to become an 80s pop star? Maybe you want to go to Vegas or you want to visit the North Pole; these are obviously lofty ambitions for the majority of us – especially becoming an 80s pop star unless you’ve invented a time machine. So, how can you bypass the obvious hurdles and enjoy these fantastic opportunities that you’ve always wanted to take part in? Themed events, of course!

What are themed events?

Themed events are opportunities to bring your clients, staff and family members together for an excellent day.

They give you the chance to depart from everyday reality for a day, something that we all crave. Themed events basically allow you to experience situations that you couldn’t otherwise experience due to restrictions such as budgets.

In what situations are themed events appropriate?

There are numerous situations in which themed events are appropriate.

Are you and your staff having a celebration? Maybe it’s time for your annual Christmas party and you want to do something that’s more exciting this year. In this situation, choosing a themed event is a good decision. After all, they’re a great team bonding experience, full of undeniable fun.

If you’re looking to intrigue and encourage prospective buyers to work with you, a themed event might not be the best idea of wooing them. Something more professional would be the best option for this scenario.

So, themed events are perfect for events where you’re aiming to have fun in a relaxed environment. Whilst it isn’t always a bad thing to be impressing clients in a relaxed environment, this definitely isn’t the right option.

What themed event options are available?

So, you’ve decided that you’d be interested in planning a themed event for you and your business, what are your options?

Well, there are so many choices that we can’t cover them all in this blog post, but we can tell you our favourite ones that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Here are our 3 favourites.

1: Secret Agent

Sophisticated, indestructible and timeless – who doesn’t want to be James Bond for a day? With our secret agent package, you and your staff can be transformed into agents to enjoy an evening of delicious – shaken, not stirred – martinis and lavish meals.

Our beautiful venue allows us to create an authentic environment that’s the perfect replica of the typical scenes in all the films we’ve enjoyed for years. Whether it’s the Aston Martin or the martini glasses filled with poker chips, it’s easy to forget that you’re not actually a spy!

2: Hollywood

We’re always seeing celebrities on our TV screens enjoying luxury lives in the fashionable neighbourhood of Hollywood. Cameras shooting, flashy vivid white smiles, tuxedos and extravagant dresses: it’s certainly something that we’d love to experience! Of course, it’s not going to be a viable option for us all to go enjoy the wonders of this great American neighbourhood, steeped in history. If you’ve always desired the Hollywood experience but haven’t had the opportunity for even a fleeting visit, our themed events are perfect for you and your team.

When you arrive at our venue, you’ll be ‘welcomed’ by the flashing cameras of the eager paparazzi, all striving to get the best photo of the revered film stars – that’s you, obviously! Throughout the evening, there’ll be little details sure to excite those who are vividly interested in the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3: Christmas Party

Whilst it’s still November, we couldn’t miss this one out! If you celebrate Christmas, it’s likely to be one of the delights of your year, counting down the days once you realise how fast the year has really gone.

Our beautiful venue is decorated exquisitely, with attention to detail from all of our staff. We truly strive to make sure that this is the best Christmas party that your staff ever experience. From the Christmas orientated food right down to the minor decorations, the warming environment is more than suitable for your Christmas party.