Sorry Santa, Our Bundles Are Better!

Why would a Christmas party be great for you?

Reason 1 – It boosts employees morale

Company Christmas parties increase confidence, enthusiasm and discipline of your co-workers/employees. When planned well, a staff event can leave employees feeling extremely motivated; bringing the team into the next year in a positive light. By entertaining your staff at the Christmas party they will then return the favour in hard work loyalty and motivation for 2018. They can produce optimum work for the company because the team spirit has been rejuvenated.

Reason 2 – It’s time to celebrate!

It may have been a stressful and busy year. Your employees have been working hard and they deserve a reward. The break is also a good thing for you! Celebrations allow workers to have an enjoyable break from the day to day routine.

Reason 3 – It allows employers to thank hard workers personally

You can choose to give awards to employees for their hard work. Some awards can be more serious than others. Most likely to make all your employees laugh are awards such as “Duct tape award – For being able to fix just about anything”, “One more thing award – For most likely to extend meetings”, “It’s 5 O’clock somewhere – For most eager to go home” and “The caffeine addict award – For the employee who drinks the most coffee everyday”.

Celebrations even without nominated awards give your employees recognition for their accomplishments. Employee morale is likely to be increased when people are recognised for workplace actions. Staff will feel appreciated which improves their outlook and attitude about the job.

Reason 4 – It allows employees to interact with each other and with the bosses

Throughout the year it can be hard to interact with other employees in the office, especially if they work in a different department. It can especially be hard to interact with bosses if the hierarchy is in a tall structure and the only time you talk to them is during meetings. Staff don’t have to worry about how well they’re presenting an idea or reporting back because in a relaxed setting it allows time to get to know someone and have a laugh together, which actually allows workers to loosen up in the workplace because they feel more comfortable to suggest ideas.

Reason 5 – It strengthens team dynamics and unites the workforce

Staff Christmas parties can either create new connections or build upon existing ones. It fosters mutual trust and friendships among people who spend a lot of time together. In the workplace, staff are often competing against each other which can make them feel slightly on edge. Stressful weeks or months can create conflicts between people. However, in a relaxed atmosphere, this can help people interact on friendlier terms.

What ATM will do for you

We will tailor the Christmas party to meet your specific wants and needs. We will find a suitable venue, provide complete theming for the event space with unique decorations according to your requests. We have a vast array of themes for you to choose from and with our passionate events team, we will take you on a fabulous journey to create your very own personalised theme.

We can guarantee that every package is uniquely tailored to your wants and needs and is bursting with excitement, energy and fun.

Call to action?

If you’re looking for a good venue, programme, entertainment, decorations or activities then look no further! ATM Events take care of all the hard work… you just have to show up and enjoy!