Indoor Team Building

Indoor Team Building

Team building events work just as well when they are held indoors as they do when they are held outdoors. All our indoor events involve team competition or co-operation. Your team will have great fun and we can promise that your event will be the talk of the office for weeks!

We all know how temperamental the weather is in the UK so if you either don’t want to take your chances with the weather, or you simply fancy being indoors, then we offer some really innovative and exciting team building activities and events to give you a complete experience.

We have a wide range of amazing venues all across the UK for you to choose from. We’ve been organising events for 16 years, which means we can recommend the ideal location for your event.

Some of our biggest hits for team building days include:

Crystal Maze

Like the game show, teams will have to compete in a series of challenges to earn crystals that will then turn into time in the crystal maze. The more crystals you earn the more time you have in the maze

Knockout Challenge

Hours of all action non-stop hilarity! It’s A Knockout has become one of our most popular events for corporate fun days, as it simply can’t help but build morale and team spirit

College Themed

With each lesson having a unique challenge: for DT you will be Chariot Building, for PE you will compete in Pony Hop Races, for English there is a Foam Pit Letter Challenge, for Geography you can attempt to focus on escaping the Human Maze, for Driving Lessons our Pedal Karts are great fun, for Maths you can deal with shapes and undertake the Wacky obstacle course with a shape tower challenge, for Science you will be Rocket Building, and for Playtime /After School Club there is Human Table Football or Soccer Roos

Mission Impossible

Whether its Quad Bikes or Archery you need to accept the Mission to reward your team. ATM Events has something to suit your needs be it lateral thinking, instruction interpretation or some good old-fashioned thrill seeking you’ll find it here!

Multi Activity Day

The ATM Corporate Event “Multi Activity Day” is the one stop shop for all your Team Building Needs! Whether its  Bungee Run or Human Sheep Herding ATM Events has something to match your ideas

The Qube

Enter the visual and dramatic teambuilding experience of ‘The Qube’.  Complete with The Host, The Voice and The Body, with gameshow lighting and a 3mx3m Inflatable Cube, contestants work in teams to face a series of nail-biting challenges.  Can you beat the Qube?

Retro game shows The whole team will be competing in a spinoff of the classic game shows such as Wheels of Fortune, Play Your Cards, Grab a Grand, Darts or enjoy our Casino Tables. This team build event gives you and your team a chance to show off your general knowledge, dart throwing, skill challenge and ability to work together. We can design a specific quiz to suit your company, a product or theme!

Strictly Dance fever

A spin on the popular TV series. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, from twinkle toes to 2 left feet the event is designed to build trust, interaction, team spirit and most importantly FUN!  With the help of professional dancers, you will choreograph, rehearse and perform your dance routine for the rest of your team and the judges. Points will be awarded for originality, style or lack of it, costumes and enthusiasm.

And we have many more team building events!

Team building events are important investments in the productivity and happiness of the workplace environment. According to Government statistics, 37% of ill health related cases in the workplace are related to stress. Team building days increase bonding, reduces stress and creates amazing memories for the team, and we believe that focusing on employee well-being is important and brings many benefits to the company.