Incentive Trips: Worthwhile?

Incentive Trips: Worthwhile?

Incentive Trips have proven benefits of encouraging employees. That’s why it’s shocking that they’re so overlooked by some businesses. When staff have something to aspire to, they’re more likely to try their hardest to reach that goal and earn that prize. So, are incentive trips worthwhile for your business in particular? We’re going to explore whether it is or not here.

What can incentive trips be rewarded for?

Choosing what the incentive is actually for is one of the important aspects. Defining clear goals that everybody understands is important. Any vagueness can mean that people think they’re working towards a reward whilst they’re not actually meeting the goal that you want them to. Here are two examples of what you could have incentive trips as a reward for.

Sales: If you have a team who are meant to specialise in selling, giving them an incentive for selling a certain amount makes sense. For example, if there’s a key product that you’ve been trying to sell, setting a goal for the sales team and making them aware of the goal (and the reward) is going to inspire them to sell more so that they can enjoy the incentive trips as a result of their hard work.

Employee Cohesion: This isn’t something that you would give a reward for but instead something you would try to nurture by sending your staff on incentive trips. Incentive trips mean that your staff can get to know each other and become more comfortable in each other’s presence. This means that when everybody returns to work after the trip, they’re going to work harder and be better with tasks that mean they have to work as a team.

Despite these two examples, it’s evident that most businesses overlook the substantial benefits of sending their team on an incentive trip. 99% of the time, this is because they struggle to justify spending their already strained budget on a ‘holiday’ for their staff.

Incentive Trips: Are they worthwhile?

Well, for the previous two reasons, we’d say it’s already a good reason to spend money on an incentive trip. Still not convinced on the benefits of incentive trips? Here are some more advantages of sending your staff on a trip.

Increases loyalty: Once you’ve built the perfect team of staff, you want to make sure that first, they’re happy but secondly, they stay with your business for years to come. With incentive trips, staff can develop a sense of loyalty towards their employer as it becomes obvious that their work is valued and appreciated; as a result, employees will then be more motivated to be successful for you and the business.

Boosts chance of achieving goals: As we previously mentioned, incentive trips can encourage staff to work harder and therefore achieve the business goals. If you’ve set goals for your staff and they can see the reward in sight if they go on to achieve what you’ve asked of them, they’re likely to work harder to achieve it. This means that chances of success are obviously boosted.

Tailored to budget: Not all trips have to be a scintillating week in Barcelona or New York; your incentive trip can be in line with what you can afford. Regardless of the incentive trips on offer, your staff are going to be grateful but most importantly, motivated upon return. You don’t have to pull out all the stops to make sure it’s the greatest trip that they’ve ever experienced – it’s enough to value your staff, create something enjoyable and stick within the business budget.

So, there are many benefits to having incentive trips for your staff, no matter the budget that you have to stick to. Will you be planning your incentive trip today?