Incentive Trip and Meeting: All that you need to know

Incentive Trip and Meeting: All that you need to know

No matter the size of your business, it’s likely that your company has some sort of incentive trips planned, and it’s almost certain that you have meetings. A lot of businesses, however, don’t combine these two things to make a singular package.

There are plenty of advantages to combining incentive trip and meeting, which makes it shocking that more companies aren’t already doing this.

In this blog post, we tell you what an incentive trip combined with a meeting is, why you should do it for your business, and why you should work with us on arranging your trip away.

Incentive Trip and Meeting: What is this?

Are you unsure about what an incentive trip and meeting actually is? If you are, it’s no surprise; most companies, as we said before, choose not to combine these two things.

An incentive trip is a period of time out of the office for your staff. This trip is usually a reward, often for meeting a particular goal, but can also be used as a way of motivating staff.

Combining the two means that you have meetings while you are all on the incentive trip. Although the trip is a reward for hard work, this means that you can still ensure that the trip is productive for all those who are on the trip.

Incentive Trip and Meeting: The advantages for your business

There are plenty of advantages to merging your upcoming incentive trips with necessary meetings. Read on to find out more about those benefits!

Maintains productivity: When staff go away on any type of holiday, they can come back unmotivated; who wants to work when they’ve had a fantastic break? Unfortunately, this can sometimes apply to your incentive trip. Fortunately, meetings can help you to avoid any issues in this regard. Although you don’t want the whole trip to be about getting plenty of work done, it is important to make sure that you still have some element of work involved. This means that staff stay motivated, and they’ll keep up the level of work that earned them the rewarded trip in the first place.

Rewards staff for hard work: Do you have a team of staff who are always working their hardest to help your company achieve set goals? Incentive trips are the ideal way to reward staff who’ve put so much work into helping you to succeed. These trips demonstrate to your team that their hard work is not only beneficial to the business, but to them; by working hard, they’re rewarded with exciting incentive trips.

Better meetings: Although it might first appear counter-productive to have important meetings in a relaxed environment, it’s actually beneficial in a business sense to have meetings in an environment that makes everybody comfortable. After all, there is often a lot of tension in workplaces. This often means that meetings aren’t as useful as they actually could be if they were conducted outside of the office.

Incentive Trip and Meeting: Work with ATM Events

If you’ve decided that you’d like to mix your incentive trip and meetings, we’re certain that we can help you to make the best possible incentive trip for your business. Here are a few reasons that you should work with us for your event:

  • We have plenty of experience arranging trips for clients of all sizes, which means we can guarantee you a certain level of service.
  • We have a TIDS Licence, which means that you can have the best accommodation for the best price.
  • We can arrange everything for you, which means that you don’t have to deal with anything. This includes booking flights, accommodation, activities, travel guides, and transport.