Incentive options: just for ‘big’ businesses?

Incentive options: just for ‘big’ businesses?

As we’ve all seen, big businesses often have an amazing incentive programme: Trips to Monte Carlo, complimentary tickets to the Champions League final and bonus packages of eye-watering amounts of money. No wonder smaller businesses feel as though they can’t compete! However, just because you know big businesses have impressive incentive programmes you can’t match up to, does that mean your business shouldn’t have incentive options?

Actually, it’s important that your business does have an incentive programme. Whilst you might not be able to offer the incentives that humongous corporations can, there’s no reason you can’t have incentives that are relative to the size of your business.

So, why are incentive options important for all businesses?

Incentive options boost sales: Could it ever be a negative for your business to have more sales? After all, the whole aim of many businesses is making money. If you have a marketing team who specialise in driving potential buyers to your shop and website, something to reward them for is obviously sales. For example, if you’ve been working hard with your team on a plan to sell a specific product or service and the result exceeds your expectations, rewarding them with an incentive can inspire them to do it again next time you’re trying hard to sell something.

Incentive options increase loyalty: As a business owner, you’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect team. If they’re ‘right’ for you and your business, it’s important to make sure that you’re keeping them happy so that they feel a sense of loyalty towards you. With incentives, staff become more loyal to their employer and therefore the business, meaning they’ll want to keep working at the same place as it keeps them happy.

Incentive options make achieving goals more likely: As we’ve mentioned briefly elsewhere in this blog post, setting goals that staff know they’ll have a reward for increases the chance of the staff meeting the goals that you’ve set them. Obviously, it’s important to ensure that staff are meeting goals at all times, and an incentive trip can help you to achieve this. If the reward is in sight from the beginning, the staff are more likely to find the necessary motivation and work harder to earn that reward for their hard work. This obviously means that having an incentive to offer increases the potential of achieving goals.

It’s likely that there’s still one question in your mind: “are incentive trips really possible for a smaller business?”

And the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Not all trips have to be a weekend away in Barcelona or New York – your staff obviously aren’t going to expect that. Your incentive trips can be more in line with what you can actually afford. Regardless of the money that you can afford to put into incentive trips, the most important thing is that staff come back motivated to succeed. For example, simply a meal out for a smaller business acts as an incentive for employees to work harder. Creating something enjoyable for everybody is an option with any budget, whether you’re a big business or not.

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