Halloween Themed Event

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October every year in a majority of countries all over the world and is the eve of ‘All Hallows Day’ a day dedicated to remembering the dead. Today this has been transformed into a more commercial event including activities such as Trick or Treat, watching horror films, pumpkin carving and fancy dress Halloween Parties and events.

If you are looking to plan a Halloween Themed Event then ATM Events has a dedicated team who will assist you in creating the spookiest scenes and the creepiest atmosphere that will send a chill down your spine, you will need to be prepared for a frightful night of mischief and mayhem! To help set the scene we can provide a full haunted house room theme complete with black draping star cloth, spider webs, hair-raising gravestones, ghastly grim reapers, creepy gargoyles, ghostly hanging skeletons, freaky lighting and devilish smoke.

Halloween event entertainment is a must for your guests we can provide you with Cabaret stage shows, spooky circus extravaganzas, dark vampire musicals, monster rock bands, freaky walkabout characters, freak show performers and pumpkin sculptors will show you a dark underworld that is sure to get hearts racing. Or why not host a murder mystery game in the midst of your Halloween creepy settings! From the moment your guests arrive, they are immersed in the murder mystery plot. The actors mingle with the diners during pre-dinner drinks and odd events start to happen. An argument could develop, a fight may break out and, who knows, a murder may occur.

We don’t just stop at room theming and entertainment for your Halloween Themed Event we can also provide you with the best bar and catering options from blood-curdling cauldrons of welcome drinks or even devil walking human tables serving wicked cocktails for your guests. Spooky Ice cold bars or alternatively give your evening a little twist with a killer nitrogen bar and of course, we won’t forget those devilish sweet treats!

Overall our dedicated team will work with you to create memories that last a lifetime and make your Halloween Themed Event unforgettable. We pride ourselves on our values of excellence, quality, passion and creativity when delivering each and every event and ensure that every detail is explored so we ensure you the best result. You can count on us to support you from start to finish for your event, be prepared for the chills and thrills!