Go to the 1980s… then come back to the future!

Go to the 1980s… then come back to the future!

In current times, you could be forgiven for wanting to go back to your childhood days when Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and Kylie topped the charts, everyone wore Adidas Gazelles and the world wasn’t overrun with computers and smartphones. Even if you were born more recently, it’d be tempting to visit the 80s if it was an option. Well, now it is! For the day, you can travel back to the 80s and party like you’re a teenager again with a classic soundtrack to breakdance to.

ATM Events is proud to offer a 1980s themed event so that you, your staff and their families can return to one of the best decades known to man! This fantastic evening is full of thrills that somebody of any age is sure to enjoy.

What will happen at the event?

On arrival, you’ll be welcomed by waiters in 1980s fancy dress, kicking off the evening with a bang. You’ll be treated to delicious pre-dinner drinks and handed a flyer so that you know all that’s going on throughout the evening. You’ll also be given an invitation to dine later on. You might not leave the dancefloor however when you hear the music in the background – fantastic 80s dance music will play throughout the evening.

Dinner will be served in the main room where you will dine in a low-lit room decorated with portraits of the biggest artists and bands of the decade to make you truly feel like you’ve gone back in time. Tables will be decorated with multi-coloured clothes and themed centrepieces if requested.

During dinner, the wonderful show will begin! You will be treated to a professional show by a 1980s (look-alike of course!) band to get you in the mood for dancing! After dinner, you can try your hand at 80s classics disco simulator, Pac-man or space invaders.

Finally, we have our very own DJ who’ll do his best to entice all the party animals to the floor with true 80s hits from all the names you know: Culture Club, Madness, Wham and maybe even Jason Donavan!

How is the 80s feel achieved with the rooms?

There are a few ways that we can turn any venue into a blast from the past. One of our favourite ways to get the 80s vibes is by displaying large portraits of bands and artists from that era all around the rooms. With perfect lighting, balloons and music, this can convert any room from mediocracy to 80s commonplace.

Shimmer curtains will create a ‘glam 80s’ entrance to the main room with LPs, LP covers and posters that dressed the walls of all the teenagers of the decade. Posters will include celebrities, bands and film posters.

There are also additional features such as flame machines, a flashing dancefloor, giant retro mobile phones and gaming machines that will really capture the essence of how life was back in the 80s.

Why not treat you and your staff to the fantastic event now? We’ll be more than happy to create it for you! Want a different decade, we can do that too!