Fun Days: All the Possibilities

Fun Days: All the Possibilities

Although it’s important that we all work hard the majority of the time, we also all need the opportunity to relax every so often. Whilst you and your employees might have the chance to relax in your own time, it’s also good to relax together on occasion.

A good way of relaxing as a team is enjoying a fun day together.

What’s a fun day? Well, a fun day can be anything that you and your team want it to be; it really can be anything that you know the entire team will be able to enjoy together.

Despite every team having different ideas on what is fun, we have a few classics on offer at ATM Events which are sure to entertain your entire team. Read on to find out more about the host of possibilities.

You need fun days – here’s why

As we previously mentioned, there are many reasons why it is important to make sure that your business has a fun day every so often. So, why do you actually need a fun day and is it really a necessity?

Yes, a fun day is essential to your business. Although it isn’t immediately obvious why, these bullet points demonstrate the importance:

  • Motivates employees: Whilst your staff might enjoy working in your business it isn’t hard for work to get on top of employees, even if they enjoy working in their place of work. This can soon lead to a lack of motivation, but that is quickly solved with a fun day; acting as motivation, employees will become happy again after a timely break.
  • Incentive: If you are setting goals for staff, it can be helpful for there to be a reward in sight for once they meet the goal. A fun day can act as this incentive. Incentives are motivational, which will mean that your staff meet the set goals faster and more often than they would without the fun day on offer.
  • Increases loyalty: With so many different opportunities on offer in a modern world, you want to make sure that you keep your team of staff together once you’re certain they are the right team for your business. With fun days, the loyalty of your staff is increased. This is obviously beneficial to your business as they will want to stay with you for a longer period.

Fun days: What you and your team can enjoy

There are plenty of opportunities for fun days as a fun day can really be anything that you decide you want it to be.

If you don’t want to choose what you want your own fun day to be, here are some fun days that we have available for you now:

  • Fairground attractions: A popular choice, fairground attractions are an excellent option as they are so popular. Waltzers, teacups, dodgems, Miami Vice and Ghost Train are just a couple of the rides that we can provide to you for your day.
  • Funfair stalls: Would you like to create something that will encourage your team to take a trip back to their childhood? With our funfair stalls, we can help you to recreate a funfair for your staff and their families to enjoy. With stalls such as hook-a-duck, hoopla, Coconut Shy and Basketball Challenge, there is something for everybody.
  • Shooting: If you fancy some target practice, our shooting events are an ideal choice for you. Less nefarious than it actually sounds, activities such as archery and clay pigeon shooting are the most popular options.
  • It’s a knock-out: We have all seen the TV show, and we have all dreamt of taking part. With human demolition, dizzy doughnuts, stilt walkers and mega mountain, it’s surely a riveting experience!