Circus themed event: the guide

Circus themed event: the guide

The circus is wonderful; it showcases the magical people, animals and events from the whole world. Unfortunately, you can’t transport your staff to another part of the world easily and in the space of an evening – unless you know something we don’t! Essentially, that means you have to bring the circus to your staff so that you can all enjoy it without the hassle of travelling. What better way to do that than with a circus-themed event?

A circus-themed event is a great way to bring back cherished childhood memories. Everyone remembers the childhood excitement of when the circus turned up in your town or city; the opportunity to see the wonders from near and far.

Creating a classic, realistic circus-themed event is a lot harder than it sounds. It’s difficult to replicate the iconic feel of a true circus. However, with the right tips, you can be well on the way to creating the circus event of your dreams.

Circus themed event: the key tips

Circuses come in all different shapes and sizes nowadays, with contemporary and classic circuses being extremely popular in their own right. Choosing the right type of circus for your event is very important; if you choose the wrong type, you and your guests can end up disappointed with the results.

A traditional circus is everything that you remember from when you were the enthusiastic child who couldn’t wait to visit the circus visiting town: playful and colourful. This type of circus is perfect for parties of all kinds, especially birthdays.

A more subtle, modern circus is better for a different type of event. A darker style of the circus, this type of themed event is more suited to large dinners and conferences; more professional situations.

Circus themed event: You don’t really need a tent

Although circuses are usually inside of magnificent, sprawling tents, there’s no reason why your event has to be the same. Sometimes, it just isn’t practical to be using a tent for your circus themed event. It isn’t exactly easy to find one of the beautiful, ginormous tents that circuses usually use.

Your event can be beautiful and jaw-dropping, regardless of whether you have a classic circus event. Regardless of what your event is taking place inside of, it’s the inside of the venue that matters; the outside could look perfect, but if the event inside is rubbish, the exterior of the venue isn’t going to mean anything.

With the right drapes and decorations, any venue can accurately replicate a circus tent interior, so don’t worry about the fact that you don’t have access to a tent.

Circus themed event: Beautiful decorations are crucial

Although a tent isn’t crucial to your circus themed event, one thing is absolutely crucial: beautiful decorations. Decorations are key to creating an accurate circus environment, so it’s important to make sure that you get the decorations right to create an event that you’re truly proud of.

To transform the feel of your chosen venue, it’s important that you make sure your interior feels like the inside of a tent, regardless of whether it’s actually a tent or not. With string curtains, bunting, flags and everything else you’d expect to emblazon the insides of a tent, your guests are going to forget the fact that they’re not actually inside a tent when enjoying your event.

Colour schemes are also important to creating an accurate circus environment, so pick a theme and try to make sure that you stick with it. If you stick with your chosen theme, you can truly create an enviable circus experience that you can be proud of.