Cheltenham Festival: Four Day Extravaganza Guide

Cheltenham Racing Festival: A Guide to the Four Day Extravaganza

Out of all the racing festivals that viewers can enjoy on tv and in person worldwide, Cheltenham Racing Festival is certainly one of the most – if not the most – popular festivals.

If you are a fan of racing, you have an opportunity to go and watch this prestigious event this year with ATM Events.

This blog post is your guide to the four days of Cheltenham Racing Festival, and information relating to how you can attend the legendary event.

Cheltenham Racing Festival: When and where?

Before we go into details about the festival, it is noteworthy that it isn’t long until the event. In fact, it is in March; if you are planning on attending, you need to book your tickets as soon as possible.

In terms of exact dates, the Cheltenham Festival will be hosted over a period of 4 days mid-March: Tuesday 13th March, Wednesday 14th March, Thursday 15th March and Friday 16th March. Although it is generally advised to attend all 4 days for the full experience, you can pick and choose the days when you would like to attend the event.

Even if you are not the most observant person in the world, you have probably already noticed where the Cheltenham Festival will be held: Cheltenham, the historic spa town; the racecourse, known as either Cheltenham Racecourse or Prestbury Park, is located just outside of the town.

Cheltenham Racing Festival: Making your way to the town

If you have not previously visited Cheltenham, you might be hesitant to immediately jump at the opportunity to travel there from wherever you live. If you don’t fancy the experience of travelling to the festival there are many other travel opportunities, so you can leave the car at home.

Cheltenham is well-served by transport links for anybody who isn’t able to travel to the town using their car. There is a railway station, Cheltenham Spa Railway Station, which has trains ingoing and outgoing all day long to and from both local and further afar locations. As the station is on the cross-country route, reaching Cheltenham Spa on a train is simple.

If the train isn’t the ideal option for you, you can also easily travel to the town via coach. With many options daily for travelling directly to Cheltenham or nearby towns, you can ensure that you don’t miss your opportunity for a fantastic week in Cheltenham.

Cheltenham Racing Festival: The hospitality options

If you’re travelling to the riveting Cheltenham Festival, it’s exciting to consider all of the amazing viewing opportunities that are available to you at such an event; one of these opportunities being the chance to revel in hospitality options.

The Cheltenham Racing Festival has a multitude of hospitality options so that there is always something for everybody who might want to attend; here’s a small explanation of a couple of the most popular.

  • Balcony Box:

Overlooking the final two fences, viewing the races from the comfort of a balcony box is undeniably one of the most exciting viewer experiences. The boxes inevitably provide the best views; panoramic views mean that you can see all the action whilst also admiring the stunning countryside that surrounds the racecourse.

  • Marquee Suite:

Located in the tented village, 50 metres from the Guinness Grandstand, our beautiful marquee suites offer you prime comfort whilst you enjoy the races. With the opportunity for private tables, you can make the most of the fittingly named ‘Cheltenham Experience’.

  • Lollipop Club, Grandstand:

This unique opportunity allows you and approximately 60 guests to enjoy sit-down dining. The light and spacious Lollipop Club Suite comes with full hospitality, hostess service and a large TV to enjoy the action from indoors.