Client Vision:

York University, a long time client of ours and highly esteemed University wanted a night of fun and excitement to celebrate their 2023 Graduation Ball. They wanted high class entertainment, pulse racing activities, visually pleasing props and something to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. They wanted to deliver an amazing event for their graduates where they could celebrate  all of their hard work throughout the years.

Our Solution:

We provided the ultimate celebration package at the scenic York Race Course! Activities included Casino Tables with Croupiers, Fun Fair Rides and Fun Fair Stalls, Laser Tag, Bungee Run and enough sweets to feed a nation! The ATM team worked hard throughout the evening to ensure York’s Graduates were constantly entertained. With rides such as the Dodgems, Ferris Wheel and Miami Trip, we ensured that guests had various activities to enjoy. By effectively managing the entire events process and providing the activities, entertainment and sweet treats, we gave the 2023 Graduates of York University an unforgettable Graduation Ball.