Client vision:

IBM IX wanted to deliver their Internal 2019 Team Conference with a difference. They wanted to provide a day of team learning and staff relaxation in a unique meeting place to host their conference. The venue had to accommodate over 250 professionals and provide a tasty lunch and evening Street Food.

Our Solution:

Taking account of our client’s thoughts we obtained the Ministry of Sound venue to hold the 2019 Conference event.  The venue was without doubt unique and had 6 fantastic rooms including the Box where we would put together the main conference set and in the outside Courtyard for the evening celebrations.

The main conference set was designed to complement the venue and The Ministry of Sound venue had in the past been a location for the Batman Dark Knight film and we therefore implemented a Batman theme to the event.  We included some fantastic theme props and lighting within the venue to bring the theme out for everyone who attended.

As the day came to an end our team arranged for an evening of relaxation and enjoyment for the 250 delegates.  We transformed the Courtyard Area with Fun activity stalls, a Batman Photobooth and live acoustic music from Zac James. The delegates also had chance to enjoy fabulous street food and a live DJ set inside the 103 Ministry of sound room.

The event was very well received on the day by our client and the whole IBM IX team who could not believe they had just been to a conference in the unique Ministry of Sound venue.