Awards Night: Why you need to reward your staff

Awards Night: Why you need to reward your staff

Whether you are a business owner or simply in charge of a team, it is important to make sure that those who are under your control in a business are as happy as they possibly can be; especially if they are working hard to help the business succeed, they deserve your efforts.

One way in which you can reward the staff who always work the hardest is an awards night. What is an awards night and why does your business need to have one as soon as possible? We answer the questions on your mind in this blog post.

Awards Night: Common misconceptions

Before we explain why you should have an awards night, we want to rid you of any common misconceptions that you might have come across concerning awards nights.

  • “My business is too small for an awards night”: Unless it’s just a case of you being the only person at your business, no business is too small for an awards night. Although you have to be sensible about it if you do have a smaller business, there is still nothing stopping you from having an awards night. Don’t let this mistaken belief put you off!
  • “Staff don’t appreciate awards”: Even if you have a team of people who aren’t outwardly particularly fussed about earning rewards for their work, chances are that they are anyway. Everybody likes to be rewarded for the effort that they put into their work, especially if the job is particularly testing.

Awards Night: Why it’s important for your business to award staff

Managing your team effectively comes down to more than handing out rewards every so often, but it does contribute to successful management. Why is it important for the business overall to have an awards night?

  • Motivates staff: For a business to become successful then maintain that level of success, you need to have a motivated team who are willing to work hard. Motivation doesn’t come directly from being rewarded but it can contribute to keeping everyone happy and striving to prosper. Having an awards night is a quick and easy way to give a boost to the motivation levels of the entire team.
  • Makes staff feel valued: For any business to succeed with a team of staff, everyone involved has to feel valued. If an element doesn’t feel valued, even one member of the team, it can cause every other part of your setup to collapse and stop working as it should. If you treat your staff to an awards night, you are going to instil a sense of value in them, and they are going to remember that feeling.
  • Builds relationships: To create a well-oiled machine – presumably what you want your business to be – each cog needs to be compatible with the other cogs. In the prior analogy, imagine your team members are the cogs; this means that your team needs to be able to work together seamlessly. By having something such as an awards night, it encourages members of your team to get to know each other; when they get to know each other, they will work better together when you all return to the workplace.

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