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Our free venue finding service for a multitude of events


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When you are in the process of arranging any event, there are a lot of things that you have to organise; that is what makes organising any kind of event so difficult, especially if you haven’t arranged events in the past.


While you might be able to handle the majority of arranging the event you are hosting yourself, allowing somebody else to handle some of the other arrangements for you can be beneficial – especially if it isn’t going to cost you anything!


You may not want to pay for somebody to arrange an event for you but taking advantage of our free venue finding service takes one of the many jobs of your plate. Here is how our free venue finding service actually works:


- You tell us what you want

- Our team conducts research

- We report back to you with numerous venues

- You pick your favourite of the venues


Tell us your requirements


Considering our free venue finding service is free, you might be surprised to hear that we are very invested in the process of finding the perfect venue for you. We don’t just go and pick any venue for you; we listen to your requirements and then we find venues that actually suit your needs.


Before we begin looking for your venue free of charge, we will converse with you to find out your requirements. By doing this, we will ensure that we are looking for venues that will actually meet the requirements that you have.


Our team conducts research


Once we have ascertained what you require from your venue, that is when the work begins for our venue finding team. Using the information that you have provided to our team, our venue finding team will begin searching for the venue for you. Firstly, we take a look at the contacts that we have available to see if any of their venues would meet your needs. If we cannot find a venue for you within our contacts, we will then extend our search further until we have found the venue that we genuinely think would be the best for the event you are hosting.


Our team reports back to you


Following the search for the perfect venue for your event, our team will take a look at the venues that we think are best before we return to you with the venues that we think are ideal. After we have picked a select few venues from those that we have investigated for you, one of our professional, friendly team will be in touch with you to discuss the venues that we have found and tell you a bit more about them.


You pick your favourite venue


Out of the venues that we have picked out for you, we are certain that there will be a venue that meets the needs of you and your event. This then allows you to pick the perfect venue for you based off the portfolio of research that we have conducted to find the perfect venue for you.


That’s our free venue finding service in a nutshell! If you would like to find out more about the free venue finding service, do not hesitate to be in touch with us and one of our team will be more than happy to discuss it with you in some more detail. 

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    The ATM team really delivered above and beyond for our Award Nights.  They were more than helpful and delivered above our expectations.  The team are a real asset and we would definitely use ATM again.

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    I’m not normally one for taking the time to fill in feedback forms, but I had to make an exception here, the teambuilding event ATM delivered was amazing, everyone loved it! Your guys delivered it perfectly, Thank you for a memorable day.

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    We have been using ATM Events for the past 6 years and each time they come up with something different for our staff awards evening.  Their dedication to every aspect of our event is always second to none and we will certainly continue to use ATM for any future events.

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    It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals with whom know and fully understand what it takes to deliver a perfect event. ATM Events once again delivered us a brilliant family fun day which was enjoyed by all.

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    ATM are very responsive and responsible and tried its best to meet my budget and requests. My experience is totally priceless and thanks to the company for making my dream come true.

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