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Kickstarting productivity with incentive trips

In a position of power, specifically owning a business, the likelihood is that you’re going to have to manage people. Unfortunately, managing people is exceptionally hard. Whilst one week they might be exceeding what you expect, the next they might be well below what you expect. If a group are always exceeding, however, it can be difficult to know what to do. Should you reward them, or should you do nothing and hope their hard work continues? Well, with incentive trips, you can tackle both the issue of overachieving staff members as well as those who aren’t pulling their weight.

What are incentive trips?

Incentive trips are trips that the employer funds for their staff. There’s multiple reasons why they might fund these trips, such as the two reasons that we mentioned above. There’s lots of different types of trips with lots of different budgets so that no matter the size of your business, incentive trips are an option.

One reason that an employer might pay for an incentive trip is to motivate their staff. If their staff aren’t currently performing very well, an incentive trip can reinvigorate them and help them to enjoy their work again instead of work feeling like a chore. Knowing they will be able to go on an incentive trip also will motivate them to do better.

Another reason can be as a reward to staff who are exceeding expectations to ensure that they keep up performing well in the future. For example, if a group of staff have consistently been more successful than expected, they can be rewarded with an incentive trip. This means that they know their hard work is valued and they will aim to achieve the same results – or better – in the future.

The same incentive trip can help with both of these reasons. If you invite all your staff to take part, regardless of whether they’re overachieving or underachieving, you will be rewarding those who are doing well and motivating those who currently aren’t.

What can ATM do for you?

When it comes to arranging your event, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly, we can perform many services for you. We have a professional team with over 10 years of experience, giving you confidence in our abilities to succeed when it comes to managing your incentive trip.

Every client that we have, whether they own a local business or an international business, will have a dedicated event and incentive manager. This means that with one point of contact, any time that you need to get in touch you will be communicating with the same person. This also stops the ‘Chinese whispers’ scenario where you’re getting different information by the time it has been passed through 5 different people.

When we’re arranging events, your event and incentive manager will tailor your trips to all of your requirements. As we avoid the ‘one size fits all’ approach, we’re ensuring that you get the trip that you really want and not just one that we arrange for everybody. We listen to your individual requirements carefully to make sure the final result is exactly as you imagined.

What can my event and incentive manager actually do when arranging my incentive trip?

There’s lots of services that your dedicated manager can perform when arranging your incentive trip. Whether that’s booking flights and accommodation or organising any activities you’d like to take part in, none of the organisation of the event must take up any time in your undoubtedly already overloaded planner.

Are you interested in discussing your incentive trip? You can get in touch with us today using either 01274726280 or enquiries@atmevents.co.uk.  

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    I’m not normally one for taking the time to fill in feedback forms, but I had to make an exception here, the teambuilding event ATM delivered was amazing, everyone loved it! Your guys delivered it perfectly, Thank you for a memorable day.

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    We had a fantastic Day, Our itinerary was clear and well planned and the package we purchased was exactly what we purchased, Our 40 clients very much enjoyed the day and we look forward to booking with you again for next year

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    ATM Events provided a fantastic service for our event. The staff  were extremely friendly and bubbly, and ensured that the event ran smoothly right from the set up through to the de rig at the end of the evening. Right from the start the ATM Events team were brilliant at working with us to plan and co-ordinate a successful event even given the event had a very short time frame.

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    We have been using ATM Events for the past 6 years and each time they come up with something different for our staff awards evening.  Their dedication to every aspect of our event is always second to none and we will certainly continue to use ATM for any future events.

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    The ATM team really delivered above and beyond for our Award Nights.  They were more than helpful and delivered above our expectations.  The team are a real asset and we would definitely use ATM again.

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