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Golf Masters Hospitality: all you need to know

If you’re a fan of golf, you probably know the basics of The Masters, also known as The US Masters. In fact, you might even know more than the basics. For those who are just casual fans, however, we have created this blog post to tell you all that you need to know about the history of the golf masters. By the end of this blog post, you’re going to be an expert of the past and current of the US Masters!

The Masters: What is it?

The Masters Tournament is a golf championship that’s generally known simply as the Masters, or the US Masters for those residing outside of North America. The Masters is one of only 4 major championships in professional golf, so it is widely known for people who have even the littlest interest in golf worldwide.

The Masters takes place in the first full week of April on a yearly basis, making it the first golf major of every year. Fun fact: unlike the other golf majors, this is the only one that’s held at the same location every year; that location is Augusta Nation Golf Club, which is a private course in the city of Augusta, Georgia.

The Masters was established March 22, 1934. 84 years ago, The Masters was started by Bobby Jones, a notable golfer, and investment banker Clifford Roberts.

Like many of the major golf tournaments worldwide, The Masters Tournament has numerous traditions that have been significant for many years. One such tradition is that of the green jacket. Since 1949, a jacket has been awarded to the winner of The Masters, who then has to return it to the clubhouse one year after winning it. If a golfer wins the tournament on numerous occasions, he would generally be awarded the same jacket, unless he needed to be fitted with a new one. Another tradition is that known as The Champions Dinner, which first rose to prominence in 1952. Held on the Tuesday before each tournament, only former champions and certain board members can attend this elaborate dinner; that sounds like something worth being part of!

The Masters: Who has won it the most?

Since the Masters began in 1934, there have obviously been many winners. Some are more notable than others however, as they’ve won it on more than one occasion!

The first winner of the Masters was Horton Smith. In 1936, he managed to win it again. However, he hasn’t won it the most times; he was the first person to win the tournament more than once. The golfer with the most US Masters wins is the legendary Jack Nicklaus, often proclaimed to be the greatest golfer of all time. Incredibly, Nicklaus managed to win the Masters a record 6 times. Even more incredibly, his first win was 1963 and his last was 1986 – that’s a gap of 23 years!

Nobody has won The Masters more than 5 times, other than the aforementioned Nicklaus. However, both Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods have managed to win it 4 times each. While Tiger Woods is still playing, it’s widely believed that he won’t be able to catch up with Jack Nicklaus, so that’s a record 6 wins that’s here to stay for the foreseeable future!

Gary Player was amongst the numerable players to win the tournament 3 times, but an interesting fact is that he was the tournament’s first overseas winner when he first won the competition way back in 1961.

The Masters is a fascinating golf competition, so why wouldn’t you want to attend in style with corporate hospitality?

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