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Formula One

Formula One is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide – Formula One had a global TV audience of 425 million during the course of the 2014 audience – so it is a much-loved sport. If you’re an avid watcher of Formula One, there’s plenty of options for going to watch your favourite Grand Prix other than watching it on the TV now, specifically corporate hospitality Formula One. This is the best possible way of enjoying the Formula One experience and the perfect opportunity to connect with other businesspeople, as well as impressing your clients.

Formula One: A little background

Formula One (AKA Formula 1 or F1) is the highest level on single-seat auto racing sanctioned by the FIA. The first ever Formula One season began in 1950 although the season was significantly shorter all those years ago with only 7 races in the first. The lack of races in the 1950 season is more obvious when you consider that the 2016 season contained 21 races. This is probably due to the increasing interest over the years. These collections of races, coming together to comprise a season, are known as Grands Prix. The tracks for these races are generally held on purpose-build circuits but some also on roads, with the most popular held on public roads being the Monaco Grand Prix.

To decide who wins the season, the result of each race is worked out using an easily understandable but often changing point system. Not only is there a driver annual world championship but there’s also one for the constructors. Recently however, the driver champion has been signed to the constructor’s champion, for example, Nico Rosberg and Mercedes in 2016.

What packages do we have available?

At ATM Events, we have 3 fantastic opportunities available to watch Formula One: Silverstone, Monaco and Abu Dhabi.

Silverstone: If you’d like to go watch the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, there’s 5 different packages for you to choose from. Our favourite is Driver’s Lounge, so that’s the one we’re going to explain in some more detail. The Driver’s Lounge package means that you’ll be enjoying the race in a way that is unrivalled in any of the other packages. With this package, not only will you be regularly connecting with other businessmen and businesswomen, you’ll also be introduced to celebrities as well as some of the most famous names connected to motorsport in the world. Not only will you enjoy mixing with this group of people, you’ll also be able to savour delicious cuisine and champagne throughout the day. Regarding the actual race, the only view that would rival yours is the view from the driver’s seat!

Monaco: Our personal favourite of the Grands Prix, the Monaco Grand Prix is truly the best experience of our options. The views are jaw-dropping, the racing scintillating. Whilst there’s multiple packages for you to peruse and chose from, our favourite is the Beau Rivage package. These balconies offer truly unparalleled views of the beautiful harbour but most importantly, the track. With a mouth-watering buffet lunch, complimentary drinks and a comfortable luxury apartment, you can’t go wrong with this package.

Abu Dhabi: Last but certainly not least, we have the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This is the only twilight race, so offers a completely unique perspective to the other races in the Formula One season. Whilst we only have one package for Abu Dhabi, it is unquestionably a superb package. Our Exclusive Private Yacht package is every bit as fantastic as it sounds. From a prime location in the Marina, you will be able to watch the drama unfold as the race begins. Our yacht thrusts you right into the action, with business and pleasure merging due to the international celebrities and businesspeople that you will inevitably meet whilst enjoying the main attraction of the Grand Prix. Of course, you’ll also enjoy delicious meals for the weekend as well as complimentary bar offering an outrageous amount of drinks. Whilst the view and food is absolutely brilliant, you will also be able to watch the official after race concerts; the performers aren’t small time acts either: previous performers include international popstars Lionel Ritchie, Rihanna and Kylie Minogue.


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    ATM Events provided a fantastic service for our event. The staff  were extremely friendly and bubbly, and ensured that the event ran smoothly right from the set up through to the de rig at the end of the evening. Right from the start the ATM Events team were brilliant at working with us to plan and co-ordinate a successful event even given the event had a very short time frame.

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    ATM are very responsive and responsible and tried its best to meet my budget and requests. My experience is totally priceless and thanks to the company for making my dream come true.

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    The ATM team really delivered above and beyond for our Award Nights.  They were more than helpful and delivered above our expectations.  The team are a real asset and we would definitely use ATM again.

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    We had a fantastic Day, Our itinerary was clear and well planned and the package we purchased was exactly what we purchased, Our 40 clients very much enjoyed the day and we look forward to booking with you again for next year

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    It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals with whom know and fully understand what it takes to deliver a perfect event. ATM Events once again delivered us a brilliant family fun day which was enjoyed by all.

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