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Football World Cup: A Succinct History

As somebody with any knowledge of football knows, taking part in a World Cup is the pinnacle of a player’s career. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that football fans worldwide all pine for an opportunity to watch the world cup. So many of the world’s best players on show, it’s a fantastic proposition to fans of all the biggest teams worldwide. Also, it’s fantastic for networking, if that’s what you want to do; many businessmen and businesswomen enjoy the Football World Cup in hospitality seating. Here’s some more about the Football World Cup.

Football World Cup: Early Years (1930 – 1950)

The fist football World Cup was hosted in Uruguay, 87 years ago.

For the very first tournament in 1930, the national associations of a select few nations were invited to select and send a team to compete in Uruguay, a decision which didn’t go down well with these national associations. The reason for this was the fact that the tournament was to be hosted in Uruguay; it was an expensive trip for teams from Europe to traverse across the Atlantic Ocean. Alas, 4 European nations decided that they would send a team despite the costs: Belgium, France, Romania, and Yugoslavia. Overall, 13 nations took part with the other 9 selected teams coming from South America and North America.

In front of a crowd of 93 thousand, Uruguay went on to win the inaugural tournament with a 4-2 dismantling of Argentina.

After the 1930 competition, there was tournaments in ’34 and ’38 before a break of 12 years. This break until 1950 was caused by two big issues: The difficulties of intercontinental travel, and World War II and its aftermath. For the 1934 and 1938 tournaments, Brazil was the only team from South America to compete due to travel troubles. And, for obvious reasons, the ’42 and ’46 tournaments – due to be hosted by Nazi Germany and Brazil – were cancelled.

Due to withdrawing from FIFA in 1920, the 1950 football World Cup was the first to include British participants. The host of this particular World Cup was Brazil, with 13 teams taking part. The tournament saw Uruguay winning the two consecutive tournaments that they had taken part in as they went on to beat Brazil in the final. This was only their second tournament – and second win – due to the fact that they had boycotted the ’34 and ’38 tournaments.

Football World Cup: Modern Times (1998 – 2014)

With 32 teams taking part in the 1998 tournament, it was the biggest tournament to date. This meant that more teams from Africa, Asia and North America could take part. Nevertheless, European and South American teams still dominate at the tournaments. For example, all finalists in all the tournaments so far have been from the dominant continents. With a record – at the time – 204 countries entering qualification for the 2010 World Cup, there’s no guarantee that this period of supremacy won’t soon change. For example, Ghana and Costa Rica have both exceeded expectations in recent times due to the expansion of the tournament.

The champions since 1998 -- including the ’98 competition -- have been: France, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Germany. Not only does this demonstrate that teams from South America and Europe still consistently win, it hints at European teams becoming more dominant that their South American counterparts.

Football World Cup: The Future (2018 – 2022)

Whilst we’re far away from the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, we do already have some details that suggest an exciting, riveting tournament for all involved.

The ’18 competition will take part in Russia whilst the ’22 competition will take part in Qatar. The hosts have a track record of winning the world cup they host: out of the 20 tournaments so far, the host has won 6 times. Is it likely that either Russia or Qatar will win the tournament that they host? It’s doubtful. Neither of these teams are known to be very successful.

You can already begin to get tickets to enjoy the 2018 football World Cup.

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