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Exploring the importance of teambuilding events


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Creating the ideal team of employees is very difficult, even if you are studious in the recruiting process. Once you have hired a team of highly capable individuals, you have another challenge on your hands that you are going to have to deal with: bringing these individuals together to create a team that you are able to rely on at all times.


Teambuilding is notoriously difficult for businesses. It isn’t often that you have the opportunity to encourage your team to get to know each other when they are all hard at work with the tasks that you have set for them in the workplace. However, teambuilding is essential for creating a team that can work well together when it really matters. In this article, we are going to explore the importance of teambuilding events to have a look at why they can be so beneficial for your business.


What are the key advantages of teambuilding events?


  • They can help a team gel
  • They can increase productivity
  • They can increase workplace happiness


Teambuilding events can help a team gel


One of the key advantages of teambuilding events is that they can help the team that you have created to truly gel. When a team gels, it can have many fantastic advantages for a business.


If your team never has adequate opportunity to gel at work, chances are they won’t perform to the best of their potential when they are having to complete projects together, which is definitely something that you want to avoid.


Teambuilding events can increase productivity


Teambuilding events are absolutely essential for creating a team that will be able to work together productively. Regardless of the size of your business, it is important that you have a team that is productive. If you don’t have a productive team and people aren’t getting their work done, that is a bad signal for your business.


Teambuilding events can increase the productivity of the team, meaning that your team will produce better work at a quicker rate. This is important for all businesses and has many advantages of its own. For one, you will be able to take on more work and pass more tasks onto your team as they become more productive.


Teambuilding events can increase workplace happiness


It’s quite difficult to be happy about going to work when you don’t know anybody. You are going to be sat in silence all of the time; the awkwardness is going to have no end. If you have found that your team never seem to be happy while they are at work, this can have problems in the long term. If you have finally built a team that you are happy with, you don’t want to be losing those individuals!


Teambuilding events can increase happiness in the workplace, which is essential for productivity and keeping the team you have created together. If you are looking for a way to quickly boost the happiness of the team you have hired, teambuilding events can be incredibly effective.

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    ATM Events provided a fantastic service for our event. The staff  were extremely friendly and bubbly, and ensured that the event ran smoothly right from the set up through to the de rig at the end of the evening. Right from the start the ATM Events team were brilliant at working with us to plan and co-ordinate a successful event even given the event had a very short time frame.

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    I’m not normally one for taking the time to fill in feedback forms, but I had to make an exception here, the teambuilding event ATM delivered was amazing, everyone loved it! Your guys delivered it perfectly, Thank you for a memorable day.

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    We had a fantastic Day, Our itinerary was clear and well planned and the package we purchased was exactly what we purchased, Our 40 clients very much enjoyed the day and we look forward to booking with you again for next year

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    We wanted to provide an event for our staff that gave a wow factor as soon as we enterred the main room.  ATM delivered this and more!! Overall the ATM team were with us every step of the way in making sure our unique demands were met.  Quite simply the best event we have ever had!

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    ATM organised an excellent Incentive trip for our staff and would recommend again. The days ran very smoothly and all the staff had a great experience. The Event Managers were really helpful, all in all an excellent 4 days in Barcelona.

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