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Event Entertainment Options: How you can interest your guests

If you’re arranging an event, no matter what it’s for, you’re going to have to make sure that your guests are as entertained as possible.

There is nothing worse than sitting at an event that is meant to be fun, but really isn’t. That’s obviously something that you want to avoid putting the guests at the event you’re planning through.

Arranging an event is actually extremely daunting; you undoubtedly worry whether everything is going to go as you’ve planned or not.

If you want to make sure that your event is a massive success, there is one thing you’re guaranteed to need: a form of entertainment.

What entertainment options are available to make your event the best that it can be? We explain a couple here.

Entertainment Options #1: A tribute band or singer

The classic option for any party is a tribute band or singer.

For your event, it’s unlikely that you would be able to hire the real singer or band – unless you want somebody local.

Although you might turn your nose up at the thought of having a tribute band or singer, some acts are astonishingly good considering their main aim is impersonating somebody far more popular.

The good thing about a tribute act is that all the songs are going to be sing-along hits. This guarantees an amazing atmosphere at your event, with music everyone knows and – hopefully – loves.

Entertainment Options #2: A local band or singer

Similar to the first option, you could hire a local singer or band to appear and perform at the event you’re arranging.

The main difference to the tribute acts is that you’re going to get an artist or artists who are themselves, rather than impersonating somebody else.

If you know that the band you’re hiring is good, it’s not going to matter whether people at the event know their music or not; there is still going to be an impressive atmosphere.

By hiring a local band, you’re also supporting somebody closer to home to live their dream of performing to an audience.

Entertainment Options #3: Magician

If you aren’t a massive fan of music, and you want something that’s a little bit different at your event, why not consider hiring a magician to perform at your party?

With a magician, you are guaranteeing that your guests will be absolutely captivated by the performance; they won’t be able to tear their eyes away from the show. Whereas not everyone will appreciate a musical performance, the majority of people are fans of well-executed magic tricks.

Often, magicians will often encourage members of their audience to interact with them. This offers plenty of opportunities for individuals to engage with your event.

Entertainment Options #4: Games

If you want something more engaging and interactive for your event than any of the above options, you can’t do much better than the traditional party games.

Games that make people laugh and join in are often the best choices for your event. Also, the little bit of competitiveness that games offer can be extremely fun!

If you’re going to choose to have games at your events, you’re going to need to make sure that you have guests who’ll enjoy games. If you’ve got a group of people who you know aren’t going to join in with the games that you’ve arranged, there is no point running them for your event; it’s not going to improve the atmosphere or help anyone to enjoy themselves.


There are a multitude of options for entertainment at your event, and not every form of entertainment is going to be suitable for your event. However, since there’s so much to choose from you’re bound to find the right thing for you!


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