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British Grand Prix Silverstone: What you need to know


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If you are a big fan of Formula One in the UK, you likely know that the British Grand Prix is currently held at Silverstone, and you might have considered heading to Silverstone, Northamptonshire to enjoy the Grand Prix this year. Fortunately, we have many British Grand Prix Silverstone corporate hospitality packages on offer to meet your needs. Before you rush to book your Silverstone tickets, however, here is everything that you need to know about the British Grand Prix.

British Grand Prix Silverstone: Interesting history

The British Grand Prix is a race featuring in the calendar of the Formula One World Championship. Currently it is held at the Silverstone Circuit, which is of course located very close to the village of Silverstone. This year, 2018, saw the British Grand Prix hosted at Silverstone for the 52nd time.

Remarkably, the British race is currently the oldest in the Formula One calendar. That’s because the first round of the inaugural World Championship season in 1950 was hosted at Silverstone. In fact, the British and Italian Grands Prix are the only two races that have been staged during every season of Formula One so far, which means there is a lot of history to explore at Silverstone.

The very first World Championship Formula One race held at Silverstone was won by Giuseppe Farina, a brilliant Alfa Romeo driver who went on to win every F1 race until the 1951 British Grand Prix; this Grand Prix was won by Argentine Jose Froilan Gonzalez.

3 drivers are tied for the most British Grand Prix Silverstone wins, and only one is still competing: Jim Clark, Alain Prost and Lewis Hamilton. All 3 of these drivers have won the Formula One Silverstone race 5 times, with Lewis Hamilton the only of the 3 who might have the chance of winning it again. Jim Clark won 4 of his races consecutively, whereas Prost’s were more scattered over his years as a competitor. Lewis Hamilton also won the Grand Prix 4 years in a row, from 2014’s to 2017’s.

If you fancy seeing Silverstone, you don’t want to go as just any observer; you want to view the spectacular race in style. That is where we, ATM Events, come in. We have many fantastic British Grand Prix Silverstone packages on offer, which we are going to tell you some more about here.

British Grand Prix Silverstone: Viewing options

VIP Driver’s Lounge: This is the unprecedented VIP experience. This unparalleled package allows you to rub shoulders with some of the most famous names in motorsport. Besides that, the VIP Driver’s Lounge package also offers first-class hospitality, including absolutely delicious cuisine, champagne, and incredible views of Vale and Stowe corner.

Silverstone Six: The Silverstone Six hospitality package is a beautiful experience, a hospitality village that’s nestled between Maggotts Corner and the Wellington Straight. This means that you will have a prime viewing of all the action on the day of the race. As you might have gathered from the name of this package, the facility offers views of six corners from the VIP grandstand. These corners are Maggotts, Beckets, Farm Curve, Village, The Loop and Aintree. If you fancy a bite to eat this package is ideal, as restaurants within the Silverstone Six benefit from remarkable trackside views. 

These are just two of the packages that we have on offer, out of a total of 5. Take a closer look at the other packages that we have on offer, so that your Silverstone Grand Prix experience is perfect for you.


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    ATM Events provided a fantastic service for our event. The staff  were extremely friendly and bubbly, and ensured that the event ran smoothly right from the set up through to the de rig at the end of the evening. Right from the start the ATM Events team were brilliant at working with us to plan and co-ordinate a successful event even given the event had a very short time frame.

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    I’m not normally one for taking the time to fill in feedback forms, but I had to make an exception here, the teambuilding event ATM delivered was amazing, everyone loved it! Your guys delivered it perfectly, Thank you for a memorable day.

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    We had a fantastic Day, Our itinerary was clear and well planned and the package we purchased was exactly what we purchased, Our 40 clients very much enjoyed the day and we look forward to booking with you again for next year

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    ATM Events take care of everything for us and the Silverstone Six facility was everything we were told it would be.The food, drink, location and atmosphere were all of the highest quality and the ATM team looked after us so well throughout the day.

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