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Our Virtual Reality event proposal looks to take your Conference event on a journey that allows you to incorporate and achieve a real live event in the best possible way.

Virtual reality Conference sets can be set up in one stand alone venue e.g your office/hired small venue or you can have this adapted so that it could be done from a home base.



Running your event from one main small location can allow you to have live workshops with speakers or even pre record speakers.  We can also mix screen’s so delegates can view speakers and scripts at the same time.

We can adapt your event to include a theme and also allow your delegates to have some fun with our selection of Virtual reality team activities. We are also able to assist with any marketing items e.g a Delegate theme conference box is a great way to engage everyone to your event.



Overall our ATM team can deliver and put together your full virtual reality event programme allowing you to  achieve all your conference aims and objectives.

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