Murder Mystery

ATM’s Murder Mystery events are scripted shows that have been written by the best of T.V. and radio, and performed by our professional actors.

Our murder mysteries combine dinner with theatre. This indoor event is ideal for engaging your guests because it features scripted scenarios centred around a delicious meal.

The pre-dinner drinks reception sets the scene for the evening, where the characters will introduce themselves and kick off the event. The planned scenarios are played during the meals and the MC conducts interactive interrogations to maintain the pace. The detectives will witness performed scenarios, examine physical evidence and interrogate the suspects.

To conclude the event, we have a presentation of the audience’s dénouement, a dramatic recreation of the crime and a gifting of prizes.

ATM Events offer professional actors, an MC/event coordinator, pens and themed documentation to ensure that every event is immersive. 

We can offer a wide range of themes for your murder mystery or party night; simply make an enquiry and we will do all of the hard work for you!


    It is the roaring twenties! Life is full of culture and exploration, and everyone has money…

    Motor cars, the radio, the cinema and other modern inventions are hitting the streets. The Flappers are liberated with bobbed hair, short skirts whilst abandoning the traditional corsets.

    One of the most prominent Chicago families in charge of importing illegal goods is the Macaroni family. They are the owners of Swingers, possibly Chicago’s most famous speakeasy joint. This trendy club offers everything, from bodyguards and sassy jazz singers to booze and fine dining.

    But tonight, there has been a murder. The main boss, Bugs Macaroni, has been killed.

    Who did it?

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