Knockout Challenge

Embracing new experiences and losing inhibitions.

Knockout team-building games and challenges are about embracing new experiences and losing inhibitions.

See some of our most popular activities and team-building games as shown in our packages section and gallery. We can prepare the day to fit your needs and requirements.

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    Popular Activities

    storm the castle

    Storm the Castle

    Can your team conquer the opponent King who is just beyond the castle walls?

    Work together and pass sponges that have been wet along the line of attack. The sponges should then be thrown inside the castle, where the King of your team will attempt to fill his chalice with as much water as possible.

    The King who finishes the round with the most water wins and the King who loses gets soaked!

    mega mountain

    Mega Mountain

    Can you conquer the ATM Mega Mountain?

    First, competitors must climb our Inflatable Mountain whilst holding a sponge. Reach the summit and your reward is a speedy descent down the
    slippery slope where it is time to stock up on water for your journey back to Base Camp. The team with the most
    water when the timer goes off wins!


    Penguin Panic

    If we don’t get dressed and take action soon, the penguin eggs down at the ATM Nesting Ground will freeze due to the extreme weather.

    Our Mama and Papa penguins must work together to shuffle their egg safely using only their feet. The team that arrives first at the new nesting area wins.

    human demolition

    Human Demolition

    It is time to shine now that you’ve advanced to the final four. But, again, balance is vital when swinging the wrecking ball at the rival teams’ podiums.

    Eliminate as many members of the opposing squad as possible in the allotted time . The team who falls off the least wins!

    table football

    Human Table Football

    Have you played table football before?

    You now have the opportunity to participate in the action with ATM’s very own, giant inflatable ‘Human Table Football’ pitch.

    It’s First vs Fourth and Second vs Third as the final four playoffs determine who is going to be Knockout Challenge Champions.

    It is a real sports extravaganza.

    alpha pit

    The Alpha Pit

    On this one, it is time to go back to school and put your spelling bee skills to the test.

    Unfortunately, this “Knockout Challenge” spelling test involves a giant pit of foam and a multitude of hidden letters.

    Each team member will take turns plunging into the foam and retrieving one letter at a time. The team who can spell the longest word wins. (It must be real!)

    trolley dash

    Trolley Dash

    This team-building exercise is the ATM Trolley Dash, or as Dale would say, “It’s time to go wild in the aisles.”

    Before sending your team out in the ATM all-terrain carts, we will load up your cart with our weekly shop. The aim of the game is simple, don’t lose your shopping!

    Each item has a value, and the team with the most expensive items still in their cart wins.

    tunnel run

    Tunnel Run

    It is time to duck and weave in another of our awesome inflatable relay activities!

    Agility, balance and speed is the aim of the game here as you dart to the other side of this tricky inflatable.

    Once you have made it through, it is time to retrieve your team’s-coloured balls. However, choose the right ball carefully because if the incorrect coloured balls make it back to your team’s basket, you will lose points!


    Assault Course

    Team members must squeeze through and weave between our wacky obstacle course to retrieve soft pieces in this relay-based sprint.

    After the time is up and all the pieces have been collected, teams must make the biggest free-standing structure to win.

    silly sausage

    Silly Sausages

    This activity is nice and simple.

    Jump aboard your giant banger and race to the finish line. The team that completes the most races within the allocated time wins points.

    under pressure

    Under Pressure

    Can you handle the pressure?

    Manoeuvre your team’s balls along the line of Air Vortex, but don’t let it fall, or they will return to the starting point! The team that has the most balls in their basket at the end of the game wins.

    human wheel

    Human Wheel

    Ladies and gentlemen, climb into your enormous tyre and take off!

    The team that wins the most races in the allocated time wins.

    pizza delivery

    Pizza Delivery

    Once again, the ATM Pizza is late and it looks like the delivery boy has dropped it all over town.

    Teams must scramble through the ATM Events “Up & Under Inflatable” and find the eight slices of pizza belonging to your team. The aim is to get these slices to the oven, whilst working as a team to eventually deliver the hot pizza back to your ATM Instructor.

    The winning team is the first to return with an entire pizza.


    Finale - Ultimate Assault Course

    The “Ultimate Assault Course” is the next challenge.

    Although you may have thought you had seen the last of this in earlier rounds, it is back, and this time with a vengeance, as we connect “Up and Under”, “Assault Course”, and “Mega Mountain” to form the Ultimate Test.

    Each team runs the course once and the team with the fastest overall time wins

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