Crystal Extravaganza

The hit TV show Crystal Maze from the 1990s served as inspiration for ATM Events’ Crystal Extravaganza.

Your teams must effectively communicate with one another and solve problems as they move through several zones to successfully accomplish challenges and earn more crystals. Teams will be guided to their next zone by riddles, anagrams and cryptic clues, with the winning team moving on to the Crystal Extravaganza Finale!

    Crystal Extravaganza Activities

    strike a light

    Strike A Light

    The aim of the game is to see who can hit the most lights in the least amount of time. One member from each team will attempt to put out more lights in one minute than their opponent.

    buzz wire

    Buzz Wire Touch

    The aim of the game is to compete against another team to see who can complete as many circuits of the buzz wire without touching the key to the frame and setting off the buzzer. You need to return to the start if you set off the buzz-wire sound.

    laser shoot

    Laser Shoot

    This game aims for your team to shoot as many miniature targets as possible within a designated time. Each team member must have a turn to complete the task. If you shoot the aimed number of targets, you will win a Crystal for your team.


    Catapult Launch

    Your team must build a device to fire a ball into the opposition’s battle zone area. Inside the marked area will be several tools and products which can be used to build your shooting device. These include elasticated rope, metal stakes, hammer, twine and gaffer tape. The team will have a set number of balls to get into the battle zone area.

    sheep herding

    Human Sheep Herding

    One team member from each team will act as the “shepherd” while all the other team members are blindfolded “sheep”. The shepherd has to guide their herd of sheep into the sheep pen. The only problem is that the shepherd can only use specific noises to rear them in!


    Chariot Build

    Teams are competing against each other. Each team has to build the chariots using the bits and pieces provided. The aim is to do it within the given set time by our Crystal Extravaganza team.

    walk the plank

    Walk The Plank

    Can you and your team cross the minefield safely? A minefield area is set out, and your challenge is to get from one side to the other using only crates and planks of wood. If any team member touches the ground while crossing the minefield, points will be taken off, and you will have to start again from the beginning.


    Defuse a Bomb

    This one is a brain teaser. Your team must make it safely across the minefield to a safe zone. Once there, you must nominate a team member to defuse the bomb. They will be given a series of clues that must be decoded to defuse the bomb safely. Failure to do this in the set time will cause the bomb to explode, which is not a pleasant sight!

    water funnel

    Water Funnel

    Another mind-bender, you have three to five tubes of radioactive water. As a team, you must decant the radioactive water from one to the next. However, this activity takes great teamwork because there will be twists along the way.

    driving test

    Driving Test

    Teams must navigate a remote-controlled car through an obstacle course in this game. Each team member has to complete the course. When all team members have finished, they must quickly dash back to the control desk to receive points. However, don’t knock over the cones – otherwise, you will have to start the course again!

    hanoi towers

    Hanoi Towers

    This challenging game will test both teams’ mental and physical abilities. The competition aims to get your five blocks from the first pole to the third in the least number of moves. The blocks will be made up of different shapes and when moving them, you can’t put a bigger shape on a smaller shape. If you do, you will need to start again.

    air cone

    Air Cone

    Get your ball from one net to the other before your opponent, using only the air cones to guide it. This is a real test of skill and is not for the impatient.


    The Crystal Dome Finale

    All teams will get a chance to go into the Crystal Dome. Your time will depend on the number of crystals you have collected from previous challenges. Get as much cash as possible before the time finishes.

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