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Corporate Fun Days

Corporate fun days are a fantastic option for rewarding staff who’ve put in plenty of effort or rejuvenating team morale. Whilst the main focus is your staff, you can also invite their family for a fantastic day out too!

At ATM Events, we make sure that your corporate fun day is planned out well so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Whilst we do our utmost to make the event perfect, we’re also careful to stick to your set budget and requirements. We won’t just do what we want or overdo it, we’ll make sure that it’s perfect for you and your staff.


What is a corporate fun day?

A corporate fun day is a fun day out for you and your staff that allows you all to relax and just have fun! You can take part in a range of team building activities and games such as inflatable activities, shooting or fairground attractions. There’s tonnes of activities available to choose from so that you can really do the best option for you, your team and your budget. The aim of a corporate fun day can be multiple things. Typically, it is to reward hardworking staff for reaching a certain goal but sometimes it is an option to rejuvenate a team that’s losing motivation and therefore not performing as well as they could be.


What can ATM do for you?

We at ATM Events offer a range of services to allow your day seamless. Firstly, we offer a completely free venue finding service for your corporate fun day to save you all the hassle of having to decide that for yourselves. Not only will we find you the ideal venue but we will also completely manage the planning and running of your event. This means that we will organise everything for you to make sure the day has sufficient preparation but we’ll also run the event on the day in the chance that anything does go wrong. We have worked on over 1000 events meaning we’ve encountered and conquered many issues that we’ve come across; that makes us perfect for running your event on the day as we truly will be able to sort many any issue to stop it affecting the day.


What options are there for fun days?

There’s a huge range of options – something to suit every business. Here’s some brief descriptions of our main fun day options:

  • Fairground Attractions: You and your staff will all have vivid memories of using fairground attractions (although some of you may still use them!). Reignite childhood memories in your staff by having a fun day with waltzers, teacups, dodgems, Miami vice, big wheels, ghost trains, trackless trains and rollercoasters!
  • Inflatable Activities: Set your inner playfulness free with our range of inflatable activities including human table football, assault courses, penalty shootout and bungee sprint.
  • Fun Fair Stalls: Fun fair stalls include hook a duck, tin can alley, hoopla, coconut sky, basketball challenge and ball in a jar.
  • Motorised: Encouraging teamwork, blind driving is a favourite when it comes to corporate fun days. Whilst this is a favourite, there’s also hovercrafts, rage buggies, power turns and quad bikes.
  • Shooting: For a challenging day, shooting could be an option for you and your team. Archery, rifle shooting, clay pigeon shooting and laser clays are exciting options.

What’s the main aim of a corporate fun day?

Whilst fun days can have a range of aims for different businesses, one of the main aims is growing relationships between team members. Whether you’re having a corporate event to motivate or reward, it’s beneficial if staff can also get to know each other better at the same time. In the end, you pick the aims of your day, not us!

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