Client Vision:

Our client’s, York University, a highly esteemed University wanted a night of fun and excitement to celebrate their 2018 graduates and all their hard work over the last few years. They wanted high class entertainment, pulse racing activities and something to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. They truly wanted their graduates to go out in style.


Our Solution:

ATM Events provided the ultimate celebration package at the scenic York Race Course boasting a semi professional fun casino, thrilling fun fair rides, giant inflatable’s, insanely hot fire breathers and some classic sweet treats such as candyfloss and popcorn. Our team worked tirelessly throughout the evening and late into the night to ensure the 4,000 graduates were constantly entertained and had smiles on their faces. With rides such as the dodgems and Ferris wheel, their pulses were raised, and the casino really tested their skills. These amazing activities left the students truly immersed into an exhilarating atmosphere.

Overall the event was a complete success and we certainly gave the graduates the opportunity to go out in style.