Client Vision:

Our client wanted to hold a fantastic awards night event to honour a great year of business and wanted to acknowledge and celebrate with staff the success they have achieved together over the last 20 years.

They wanted a unique venue, an awards structure that was energising but slick and entertainment/activities that matched the companies success and kept everyone entertained.


Our Solution:

The 1920’s Crystal Ballroom at the St Ermins Hotel was the perfect venue to hold the awards night.  It also gave an ideal opportunity to put a 1920’s theme to the event, especially with the company being over 20 years old.

The guests were greeted with a Champagne reception in tea cups and from our 1920’s showgirls.  The glamour of the event continued with a fantastic 4 course meal and entertainment including a live swing band, 1920 dancers and a four deuces casino area.

The stage set for the awards was sharp and slick allowing nothing to be taken away visually from effect of the fabulous Crystal Ballroom. The set also included suspended lighting, gobo projections, and our 4 speaker audio visual system.